Print pro tip: Spool Storage

The most efficient method I have found to store my spools is to use Sterilite containers. Place your spools inside with desiccant packets and you are good to go. The gasket mounted inside the lid provides an airtight seal to prevent humidity from getting in and ruining your filaments.

You can fit up to 4 spools side to side
Get yourself a cheap hygrometer on ebay to monitor humidity levels inside the box

Spool Holder with spare parts

Here’s a quick DIY spool holder from leftover printer parts. I understand that you might not already have these parts on hand if this is not the case hope you can get inspired by this and create something similar. The criteria for this mini build was to use parts available on hand and to have a solid one piece spool holder. (Although I had to order proper length bolts for the v slot wheels)

Total build price: Under 25$

What you’ll need:

2x 2040 Extrusion cut to 230 mm
1x 2040 Extrusion cut to 70mm
4 x V slot wheels or 625zz bearings
12 x 5mm T nuts
4 x 5mm x 15mm hex bolts
8 x 5mm x 8mm hex bolts
4 x Extrusion corner brackets (STL)
4 x 5mm washers
4 x 2040 Endcaps (STL)