Procédure de retour – Prusa Mk3s

List de matériel:

Shipping Crate
Surface d’impression
Câble IEC
Carte SD
Pieces de rechange
Porte Bobine

Please return Printer in the original Crate supplied with the rental!

Ne pas démonter!

Zip ties

You will also need some zip ties or similar fasteners. The smaller the length, the more you will need. We are always sending a full pack of zip ties with printer rentals – use those preferably.

If the zip ties are too short, remember you can always tie one zip tie to another.


To secure the nozzle, you will need a small piece of packaging foam of 2 × 4 × 4 inches.


To secure the printer itself in the box, please stuff all of the empty space inside the box with bubble wrap, inflatable air cushions or similar soft packaging material.

Comment préparer l’imprimante:

  1. Move the heatbed by hand towards the LCD screen. Lay the printer on the side where the PSU is to gain access to it from below. Secure the heatbed with zip ties, as shown in the photo below this step.
  • The heatbed has to be attached to both corners of the heatbed.
  • When the zip ties are tightened, the heatbed should not move forward and backward more than a few millimeters (0.1 inch).
  • The flexible magnetic steel sheet must be on the be on the heatbed
  1. Before placing the printer into the crate, please remove the SD Card from the LCD and unload the filament from the extruder (or cut the filament 50 mm / 2 inch above the extruder).
  2. Seat the printer in the crate, and stuff the empty space around the printer with the packaging material supplied. Make sure the printer is well seated and has no space for any significant movement inside the box.
  1. Finally, put the top layer of foam over the printer and seal the crate.

Printer damaged during transport may not be eligible for a full refund.

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