So you have been into 3d printing for a while and have a giant collection of 1000’s of .stl files saved on your computer and you have no way of easily viewing previews. Looking for a way to be able to view your files as soon as you open up your STL folder?

Here’s a program developed by cabbagecreek way to be able to preview a thumbnail of your stereolithography files.

Download options

From the website:

Marlin3dPrinterTool is a open-source software that helps you configure and test your 3D printer. The software contains some components that are not free and leave some demo and watermarks. The Software is ditributed with “beerware license” as in “free as in beer” and all donations will be used to pay for the components.
The software is under development and some features ar not fully tested on all types of 3D printers. The code is tested on:

– BigBox Pro
-Rigidbot Big
-RapideLite 200

The main features are:
-Endstop testing
-Bed limit and bed abjusters position
– Z-probe configuration
– Bed Level Tool
-Scan building surface and create visual chart
-Z-rod maintenance
-Auto PID calibration
– Extruder calibration
-Firmware upgrade and migration
-STL thumbnails in Windows File Explorer

More information,tutorials, YouTube-videos and documentation can be found at

M1.Download the program off one of the links provided.

2.Click on the .msi file to start the installation

Options when installing Marlin3Dprintertool
Options when installing Marlin3Dprintertool

3. When prompted with the option, you can select to install the FileExplorer STL Thumbnail Extension or to install the Marlin3DPrinter Tool. This guide will only focus on the extension.

4. Once installation is done, open the STL Configuration link that just appeared in the Start tool bar.

Installing FileExplorer STL Thumbnail Extension
Installing FileExplorer STL Thumbnail Extension

5. Click on install and register STL thumbnail

You might have to restart File explorer on you are done, the configurator allows you to do it automatically.

You also have the option to set the viewer as default and to change the STL preview color .

.stl preview
.stl preview

Thats it, You are now able to preview .stl files in Windows Explorer!

Easily preview stereolithography files
Easily preview stereolithography files

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